Central Mount's School of Natural Sciences offers programs that develop understanding about the physical and natural world. School of Natural Sciences offer majors that focus on advances in biology, chemistry, earth sciences, mathematics, and physics promise solutions to many of humankind's most pressing problems from fighting disease to creating sustainable energy sources.


School of natural sciences at Central Mount University emphasis on advancement in the field of biology, chemistry, earth sciences, physics and so on. Natural sciences deal with various problems and challenges that are faced by human beings on daily basis. They develop cure to life threatening diseases, finding new sources for energy and so on. Students after completing the program Central Mount University can work anywhere in the world. Following majors are offered at Central Mount University

  • Biology
  • Chemistry


At CMU School program provides advanced professional education that can serve as a catalyst in career progression. For more than a century, we have drawn our passion for creating best managers in working with organizations worldwide, and the insights gained from our faculty's research to educate generations of leaders who have shaped the practice of business in every industry and in every country around the world.



Total Credit Hours



Bachelor's Degree

24 120 Minimum High School or Equivalent Apply Now

Master's Degree

10 60 Minimum Bachelor's or equivalent Apply Now

Doctorate Degree

9 60 Minimum Master's or equivalent Apply Now

Diploma Programs



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Undergraduate Diploma

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Graduate Diploma

05 30 Associate degree or equivalent Apply Now

Certificate Programs



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Undergraduate Course Certificate

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Graduate Course Certificate

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Featured Faculty

PhD in Chemistry, CMU Head of Department Chemistry

PhD in Education, Eastern University Associate Professor English Literature

PhD in Economic, CU Assistant Professor Micro Economics

PhD In Mathematics Assistant Professor Mathematics

Renowned Faculty

Master's in Engineering Electronics

PhD in Education, Eastern University Associate Professor English Literature

Master's in Economics Macro Economics

Master's in Health Sciences Micro Biology

Career Prospects

Central Mount University's core competency is in education that makes graduates the first preferences for recruiters all over the world. Over graduates are working in top notch organizations in the world.

Career Counseling

Education needs to be utilized effectively in order to be fully effective. Central Mount University offers career counseling services to its students with regards to their education, career choices and employment opportunities.


Get expert advice about higher education. Our counselors will guide you about the best institutes to apply to, the required added qualifications you need and the time duration of these courses.

Free Consultancy:

Our experts will match your competencies and interests to the requirements of each field of study and recommend majors that are most suited to you.

Employment Opportunities:

Central Mount University's Placement and Internships department regularly posts vacancies in top organizations in the world.

Central Mount University also offers

  • Credit Transfer Facility
  • Student & Alumni Services
  • Apostile & Embassy Legalization

Fee Structure

Central Mount University believes in affordability and convenience of education. We offer financial aid & scholarship options to our students. We understand that money can be an obstacle for many students who wish to pursue higher education and keeping this point in our mind we have designed our programs in such a way that operating cost are reduced and minimized.

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